Influenster VoxBox Alert! Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink

So on Friday after a longg day at work, I came home to this pleasant surprise – and Influenster VoxBox with 2 brand new, FREE, full size Maybelline Liquid Lipsticks! Perfect timing too, because I was going out that night (I think for the first time all year so far :O).

Influenster VoxBox - Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink
How cute is this box?!
Influenster VoxBox - Maybelline Matte Ink - Shade Selection
I absolutely NEED that last nude shade and one of those oranges for summer!


Influenster VoxBox - Maybelline Matte Ink - Swatch
I was so excited for these that I actually did my first swatch.. like ever.

As you can see, the lippies aren’t completely matte – they were also only applied about 30 seconds before this photo. But they do have more of a “satin” finish- which I actually prefer.

These swatches were also so hard to remove. I tried scrubbing with dishsoap and they barely smudged. I finally had to soak a cotton ball in makeup remover a few times to remove it.

Influenster VoxBox - Maybelline Matte Ink - Selfie
This shade is called “Lover.” It is a bit darker in person- the lighting in my room is awful. But this shade is perfect for any time of day and any setting. I wore it out Friday night and I’m wearing it again today at work.

This lipstick lasted me from 8PM when I put it on until 3AM (7 hours with NO re-applying) when I had to take it off (with makeup remover) before bed. I was also eating, drinking and dancing the whole night.  I’m pretty sure if I had slept with it it would have still been near perfect in the morning.  I am going to try and test out the 16 hour claim today and I will report back!

P.S: I think they totally smell like a cupcake.

If you guys have not joined Influenster I HIGHLY suggest it! You get free products to test in exchange for an honest review! It’s so simple and I’ve only been disappointed with a couple of products I’ve received!

You can get this lippie at Ulta for $9.49: SuperStay Matte Ink


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Products were received complimentary for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


Life and Goals Update!

“A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory.”

-Arthur Golden

Sorry all, I’ve been slacking on blogging recently. I’ve been crazy busy – I got a new job as a paralegal! It’s been such an exciting few months for me; I started this blog, started an Etsy shop – ColorfulbyCristina, registered for cosmetology school for October, and I finally found a job as a paralegal! I even started actually selling on Etsy! I’ve even made 4 sales since opening 🙂

These past few months have felt completely surreal. 2.5 out of the 5 goals that I wrote about in 5 Current Goals – I have achieved! And I can’t believe I wrote that post less than a month ago!

I am so grateful for everyone that has supported me, in particular with my Etsy shop! I wouldn’t have been able to make actual sales without my friends buying and reviewing on my shop.

So, back to the job. I’ve been a receptionist at a rather large law firm for the past 2 years, got my Paralegal Certificate while there, and I’ve been desperately wanting to move up. In the beginning of this year, I got rather depressed and really doubted that I would ever be able to find a job I wanted without real experience.  Once I got rid of my boyfriend in April, I immersed myself in finding a hobby (or a distraction), and just became driven. That is why I started blogging, looking into cosmetology, and my Etsy shop, they made me feel like I was really doing something with my life.

Next came the job search.  I applied for countless paralegal jobs, with experience and without, and nothing. Then I applied for a job on Indeed because the job posting was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was more about finding someone that wanted to be there, than finding someone that needed “this, this and that.” My mom actually came across it and sent it to me, and I applied the second after reading it- AND got an email back an hour after applying! I got the job on the interview a few days after applying.  It’s a real estate firm with more paralegals than attorneys (how it should be, in my opinion) and I’ll actually receive the individual training I need. Couldn’t be more perfect honestly.

I’m beyond excited to start this next phase of my life with an actual career!

“A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory.”

-Arthur Golden


Beach Day Necessities! 

These are my absolute favorite products for a day at the beach!

OGX Coconut Oil Mist to keep my hair from drying out. I also use this before I blowdry my hair to give it shine and a nice silky feel.

Lancôme Bienfait SPF 50 to protect my very sensitive face- without clogging pores! I reapply this once halfway through my day at the beach and I’m covered- absolutely no red marks on my face! 

Lightweight L’Oréal Lumi Cushion Foundation to cover up any blemishes/scars  without any cakey feel. These Cushion foundations are the absolute best for summer. They’re so lightweight and effortless. My perfect shade in L’Oréal is C3- somehow got that on the first try, too! 

OGX Coconut Oil Mist – $7.99 Ulta
Lancôme Bienfait SPF 50 – $39 Ulta
L’Oréal Cushion Foundation – $16.99 Ulta
If you wanted to skip a step (and save a bunch of money) -I also highly recommend Physician’s Formula Cushion Foundation with SPF 50$16.99 Ulta.

I’ve found that L’Oréal’s Cushion foundation contains more product, but going with Physician’s definitely beats also buying a sunscreen! 

Hair Crazy on a Budget


Day 21: What Makes You Sad?

Sorry guys! Didn’t have any time to blog yesterday, but I’ll continue today with yesterday’s prompt.

So today (yesterday) is “What Makes You Sad,” and I’m not completely sure how to approach this one. I, like everyone, have my ups and downs and I am convinced that I do have some degree of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The wintertime is the worst for me. I never want to get out of bed, I hate the holiday season, I’m moody (or more moody) and I gain weight. I’m sure a lot of you reading this feel the same way, it is a very common form of depression. It is believed that between 10% and 20% of people (more commonly, women) experience a mild form of winter-onset SAD.

However, more recently, what makes me sad has nothing to do with the seasons. Being bored is the main culprit. When I don’t feel like I’m contributing or really applying myself, I get down in the dumps. But, to combat this, I’ve started this blog, I’ve registered for beauty school, and I’ve created my own Etsy shop (ColorfulbyCristina). All while working full-time, mind you.  And let me tell you, it’s worked! Now that I’m busy, I have this “I can take on the world” attitude (seeing Wonder Woman may have something to do with this also).

So, moral of the story: try new things and get involved in something. My high school had a saying, “Don’t be a 2:30 person.” Meaning, don’t just go to school and go home – get involved and do something after school. Well, I’ve started to apply this to work. Don’t just go to work everyday and go home and lay on the couch – I mean, if that makes you happy, by all means do it- but if you’re like me, and need something to focus on to make you happy, find something you love and just do it.


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Day 20: What Makes you Happy?

“Beauty is power, a smile is its sword”

– John Ray

Honestly, almost nothing makes me happier than when someone asks me for beauty advice. My face completely lights up; it can change my mood from sluggish and depressed to energetic, light and happy. When I’m talking about beauty products or techniques, it seems like nothing else matters, doesn’t matter what’s going on. To be able to help someone if they’re feeling insecure or unsure of what to use or how to do it, is just so rewarding. 

Hair Crazy on a Budget 
I know a lot of you beauty bloggers can probably relate, let me know in the comments 💕 💕


First Empty of the Summer!

So I’ve see this trick plenty of times before. but I’ve never actually tried it! It’s very rare that I have empties because I usually get bored and move on to the next product before I can finish it.

But this product is one of my favorites, so I had to cut it open to see if there was anything left. And there was! You can’t tell from the picture, but there was at least 3-4 more uses in there (I only took out a little on my finger).

It’s NYX Skin Elixir – Tea Tree Balance.

It may look like a small container for a $12 bottle, but 1) it’s worth every penny and 2) a little goes a long way! What’s on my finger in the picture is enough for 2 separate full-face applications.

Here’s what NYX claims it does:

“Boost balance with our potent skin elixir that is infused with tea tree oils. Use this product regularly for a renewed complexion. Your rejuvenated skin will feel smooth and naturally primed for makeup application.”

I definitely use this primarily as a primer. It goes on so smooth (not sticky like The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion) and gets absorbed almost immediately into your skin. It also has just enough Tea Tree Oil where it doesn’t overwhelmingly smell like a meadow.

It also does not cause your foundation to oxidize (a problem I’ve recently been having when I use other acne products under my foundation).

Recently I’ve had an increase in some hormonal cystic acne and once I started using this again (I don’t use every single day normally, just because I often forget about priming my face), 2 days later, the cysts were gone.

Will I repurchase? You bet I will. Unfortunately it looks like it is no longer sold at Ulta, but luckily an NYX Flagship just opened at Roosevelt Field Mall, so I can definitely get it there.


Hair Crazy on a Budget

P.S: Shoutout to my Sand Cloud Towel for being an great back drop for my beauty photos until it’s warm enough to actually use at the beach!

Sand Cloud donates 10% of all it’s products to organizations helping save marine life! If interested, shop with my code CristinaMe25 for 25% off everything!