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Day 18: A Photograph of Yourself

I didn’t want to do a boring old picture of myself for this one. So instead, I’ll do a hair transformation from 2010 to 2017.

2010 (High School Graduation):

Yes that is flaming red hair and then a ridiculously long side bang.

Next we move on to 2011/2012:

And here we started experimenting with at-home-with-a-cap highlights!

2013 was a big year for changes:

I went from BLACK:



At-home ombre! This was definitely one of my worst. As you can see, my hair is FRIED.

I see now that I tend to go from jet black to blonde a lot more than I should.

Now from “bad ombre” (haha) to…

Pink ombre!

Now this is something I wish I had waited and done now myself. I had no hair knowledge back then and the girl I went to did not do a good job at all.


This was the longest my hair has ever been… so obviously I had to chop it all right off.

2015-April 2016:

Red Lob to Brown Bob to Jet Black Bob to Fried Blondish Bob

That Fried Blondish Bob was the one that caused me to start doing everything myself.

May 2016-Now:

I covered up the “blonde” mess with Natural Instincts, then shaved the side and did an undercut (still a bob), then finally cut my hair into a blonde pixie.

I love my hair infinitely more now that I do it myself. I love the way it comes out everytime, and I finally got myself actually blonde without completely frying it!


Hair Crazy on a Budget

PS: Take a look at my eyebrow transformation



Review Time! – Wella Luxe Oil Keratin Restore Mask

Ok you guys, you probably know me enough by now to know that I almost never pay full price for anything. Well, this is one of the few things I actually did pay full price for within the past few months.

A month or so ago, my hair was feeling extra dry from bleaching it yet again, so I thought I would try a new hair mask, since they’re pretty much my favorite hair products.  I did my research and this mask had amazing reviews. Nearly every review said it was perfect for highlighted/bleached hair…

Claims from Wella:

“Instantly reconstructs hair fiber to improve texture and leave hair soft to the touch.”

What I liked about it:

  1. The smell – it has a florally/sweet/almond smell to it which I LOVE!

Andddd that’s literally it.

What I didn’t like about it:

  1. The size of the container – It’s so tiny! I didn’t realize at first because I ordered it online, but it’s less than half the size of my favorite SheaMoisture Mask for double the price! See: My All-Time Favorite Hair Masque
  2. The texture – the texture was very hard to describe… the best I can come up with is a half cooked egg white (gross right?).
  3. How it left my hair feeling – you know that feeling after you wash your hair with shampoo? That squeaky clean feeling? Yeah, that’s what my hair felt like after using this, no “soft to the touch” feeling like it claims.  P.S.- I didn’t wash my hair before this, I only used a cowash, so I felt like it actually stripped oils from my hair.
  4. The price – this is probably the most important one. Had it actually done what it claimed, I wouldn’t have hated the price. But considering it did absolutely nothing for my hair, $22 wasted is a big chunk of change.

Will I repurchase?

Absolutely not – in fact, if I can find the receipt I will be returning ASAP.

Rating: 1/5 Stars – I’m only giving it that one star for the smell.


Hair Crazy on a Budget


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Pixie Cut – Advantages and Disadvantages of the Big Chop

First off, let me start out my saying I do my hair completely myself, cut and color. So I know most people might feel like a pixie can get expensive (having to get it cut frequently), but that is not the case for me. It’s slightly more time consuming, but I do my hair when I’m free, so that’s not really an issue either.

I want to insert a word of advice here: if you’ve never had a pixie before- DO NOT GO FROM LONG TO PIXIE IN ONE SHOT- cut your hair gradually! Start with a lob, then a bob, then decide if you want to go shorter. If you hate yourself with a bob, you probably will hate your pixie.

Also, keep the layers long in the back! At least the first time you do a pixie. It makes it much more feminine – I learned this the hard way.  Remember: you can always cut more, but you can’t glue it back together.

@sarah_louwho on Instagram is my pixie inspiration



  • It’s badass no matter what you do to it – can you say faux hawk? 
  • It can also look cute and professional
  • Experimenting with makeup is more fun- your face is out there! The bolder the better!
  • You get to wear all those cute earrings you haven’t worn in years (you know which ones I’m talking about).
  • One bottle of shampoo will last a year.
  • Takes no time to blow dry.
  • Depending on your hair texture, once you blow dry it, you might not even have to touch it for 2-3 days (I literally don’t even have to restyle).
  • If you ever wanted to go blonde- now is the time to do it! With shorter hair there’s a lot less to worry about when going blonde, plus less hair means less $$ at a salon. Make sure you have enough hair to do a little trim after, but after that you’re good to go! 


  • You will probably miss being able to put it in a bun at one point or another.
  • You have to keep the hair near your neck trimmed every few weeks to avoid a mullet. 
  • The grow out is not easy if you’re impatient. You have to embrace your pixie for the grow out to be bearable.
  • If you don’t have a hair texture like mine, you will probably have to style it every day, this may take more time in the end. 
  • People will comment on it- this could be good or bad, some will think it’s badass and some will probably make some backhanded insult. You have to be confident to rock certain pixie styles.

BE CONFIDENT! You should know you look badass. If you feel confident, it shows. It exudes out of you. 

Xoxo, Hair Crazy on a Budget