Compare and Contrast: Too Faced Born This Way vs. Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation: 

Color: Light Beige

Amount: (2.5 pumps)

Application: Damp beauty blender 


  • Great coverage 
  • Beautiful luminous finish without looking oily 
  • Perfect color match- actually looked undetectable


  • Didn’t last through the day- became oily by noon
  • Slightly oxidized with an orangey tone after 6 hours
  • Took forever to dry

This foundation did not last a full day at work. It bare lasted a half day of work. For that reason, it is absolutely not worth $39. However, as you can see from my last post, I did discover a way to make it last the extra hours, but it involved mixing it with a L’Oréal matte foundation (which also happens to be fine on its own). 

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation:

Color: Desert Beige

Amount: Hard to say, ended up pouring out too much
Application: Damp beauty blender 


  • Great coverage


  • Thick, cakey feel – I feared this would cause breakouts if I kept using it
  • Sticky
  • Horrible chemical-like smell 
  • Yellow tinge
  • Application

As you can probably see, I should have gone one shade darker in this one, this foundation had a yellow tinge to it.
It was also extremely thick and sticky and smelled awful. I ended up returning this one after one use.

This foundation also had no pump, so you had to flip it upside down onto your finger or let it drip onto your beauty blender, not very convenient. This also leads to more product waste, something especially painful when spending $39.50 on a foundation.

Conclusion: I didn’t find either of these foundations to be worth the money (I did end up keeping the Born This Way). There are plenty of dupes out there or even just better ones out there for less than half the price of these.


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