TIP: Undetectable Full-Coverage Beach Day Foundation 

This week, while testing out my new Born This Way foundation (full review to follow), I discovered this perfect trick to make it last even longer and dry matte (I found that it “dried” very sticky on its own). 

I simply primed my face with Lancôme Bienfait 50+ sunscreen, then MIXED on my beauty blender: Born This Way foundation in Light Beige and L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte in Golden Beige. I started using this trick at work to last through an 8.5 hour shift (I have very oily skin and it’s been HOT and HUMID) and it worked so well! I even got compliments on how good my complexion looked.

So today we’re trying it for the beach! I have no doubts that it will hold up, even just the Born This Way held up well at the beach earlier this week. 

P.S: there will be a post soon about how I got my hair this light ON MY OWN! 


Hair Crazy on a Budget 


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